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Situated in the Republic of Latvia, SIA Nordtorf is a company specialising in the production and sale of peat and peat products. Two German peat businessmen founded Nordtorf SIA, which is based on German capital, in 1996. The founders of Nordtorf SIA have longstanding experience in the field of peat and peat substrata production. Bernhard Steingröver, Member of the Management Board of SIA Nordtorf, and OvL Kunststofftehnik GmbH, Emstek own 100% of the company’s shares.

SIA Nordtorf is situated in the Southern part of the Republic of Latvia, near the border with Lithuania, in Akniste. The size of the plant is approximately 6000 m² and it features 7 production lines for the packaging of peat and substrata. SIA Nordtorf, SIA LTL (which is connected to SIA Nordtorf) and SIA Cesvaines Kudra, own peat-production licenses for six bogs. The total area of all 5 bogs is 2880 ha. The extractable peat reserve of all 5 bogs is 40 million m³ in total. The peat reserve is enough to supply raw material for production for at least the next 50 years.

The main production objective of SIA Nordtorf is the production of substrata. The company’s plant produces approximately 600 000 m³ of substrata and potting soil per year and the amount is increasing. The storage area near the plant enables the storing of approximately 40 000 m³ of raw material and packaged complete products. SIA Nordtorf produces substrata according to the client’s wishes and also in the client’s own packaging, if necessary. In 2011, the net turnover of SIA Nordtorf was MEUR 11,7.

In 2006, Nordtorf SIA acquired 50% of the shares of the Latvian peat production company SIA LTL. SIA LTL deals exclusively with the production of garden peat. SIA LTL produces approximately 200 000 m³ of milled and block peat per year from a production area of 520 ha. The company supplies raw material for the SIA Nordtorf plant in Akniste. SIA LTL sells a part of the produced milled and block peat to its clients; transportation is organised by ships loaded in the Port of Riga. At the end of 2008, SIA Nordtorf bought 100% of the shares of the peat-production company SIA Cesvaines Kudra (see News). SIA Cesvaines Kudra owns the peat-production licenses for 2 bogs and the total area of the bogs is approximately 1450 ha. Today, there are approximately 250 employees in total working in the three companies, about 120 of whom are seasonal workers employed during the summer. In 2011, the total turnover of the three companies was MEUR 13,55.


December 2017

New name.

SIA Nordtorf name has been changed into SIA HAWITA baltic since 05th december 2017. The adress, VAT number and contact keeps the same.

February 2012
Construction of a new plant in Cesvaine was completed after 2-year design works.


The total area of the hall is 7.200 m2, which is divided into 3 divisions. While developing the general concept, we took into account optimal processing opportunities to be able to adapt to any weather conditions.

Peat processing

Using two modern screening machines, chunk peat, milled peat and black peat is screened into 8 different fractions of peat.

Substrate mixing equipment
Control room

Different peat fraction mixing is performed and controlled here. Various mineral substances are added into mixed peat fractions. Modern computer-assisted weighing and measuring equipment guarantees precise quantity of the supplied additional substances. Water absorbing agent is added at the end. Our personnel were trained for several months to work with this equipment.


We installed 4 fully automated packaging lines which pack products into the following volumes: 20 litres, 50 litres, 70 litres, 80 litres, 250 litres and 5.8 m3 (According to EN standard).

Ready products and peat raw materials are stored in the area of 35.000 m2. We offer our products throughout the year.

September 2010
The implementation of the launched project “Establishment of SIA “NORDTORF” high added value production unit in Cesvaine” is in progress. The commencement of the construction works was formally opened on the construction site on 15 September. The local press, chairman of Cesvaine district council Vilnis Špats and the representatives of the design and construction companies in the formal opening ceremony. 7.200 m2 large production building will be built in 41.000 m2 building plot. This production building is planned to be built in 2011. The production equipment installation will be completed till November 2011. The production unit could start producing in December 2011. Four completely automated production lines will produce turf substrate. These products will be sold all over the world.

June 2010
SIA Nordtorf began implementing the new project “Production of high added value in Cesvaine by SIA NORDTORF”
In 2010, a new peat substrate plant will be built in Cesvaine, in the region of Madona, in the eastern part of Latvia. The total cost of the project is EUR 6.5 million.On 11 March 2010, SIA Nordtorf succeeded in signing a contract with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) to apply to the European Regional Development Fund (ERAF) for a grant in the amount of EUR 2.34 million for producing valuable substrates in a new production enterprise.

August 2009
In August 2009, SIA Nordtorf production company substrata was awarded, as the first company in the Baltic States, “RAL Gütezeichen für Substrate” (RAL quality mark), which signifies exceptional quality.

The quality mark obliges us to guarantee high levels of quality to you, our clients, also in the future.