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Customer recipes

SIA Nordtorf produces substrata and potting soil (growing media) either according to the company’s recipes or on the basis of the customer’s own recipes. The company’s modern plant enables the production of substrata and potting soil made of numerous components. As the company produces growth mixtures on the basis of peat, the main components are generally various types of peat and peat fractions. In addition to peat, the growing media usually also include some powdered materials (e.g. limestone meal) containing Ca, necessary for achieving the suitable pH-range, 1-3 different fertilizers and a wetting agent. Depending on the specific needs, the growing media may additionally also include several other components, such as perlite, ceramsite, clay granules, various long-term fertilizers and helates. Under normal conditions, the company has a stock of necessary components needed for producing common growing media. If the customer wishes to use a special fertilizer, it can be arranged. The ordered growing media can be packaged either in company packages or in the customer’s packages, if possible.

Possible dosage ranges in the case of maximum number of components (15) have been provided in the “Dosage ranges” table added to the text. The customer’ individual recipes, bound to that particular customer, are stored in the company’s information system, which will simplify the fulfilment of reorders. The company will not take responsibility for quality problems and consequences that result from a mistake made in the individual recipe. 

Table. Extent of dosage.
Dosing device Dosage/m3 (%, kg, l) Components
1. 0-100% White peat with a fraction of 1
2. 0-100% White peat with a fraction of 2
3. 0-100% White peat with a fraction of 3
4. 0-50% Black peat with a fraction of 0–10 mm
5. 0-30% Perlite
6. 0-10 Kg./m3 Limestone meal
7. 0-80 Kg./m3 Pelleted clay
8. 0-5 Kg./m3 Fertilizer 1
9. 0-5 Kg./m3 Fertilizer 2
10. 0-5 Kg./m3 Fertilizer 3
11. 0-5 Kg./m3 Fertilizer 4
12. 0-5 Kg./m3 Fertilizer 5
13. 0-5 Kg./m3 Fertilizer 6
14. 0-5 Kg./m3 Fertilizer 7
15. 0-10 l/m3 Wetting agent