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Loose white peat

 White peat is of botanical origin. White peat consists mainly of a mixture of moderately decomposed remains of different species of peat mosses (Sphagnum sp.) and less remains of herbs. White horticultural peat is collected from the surface of the peat layer using a mechanical cutting method. The white peat is collected using a combined pneumatic and mechanical collecting method. The combined collecting method ensures a more suitable structure for the collected peat (min 40% will be fraction of 10–50 mm) and lower dust content.

White horticultural peat is primarily used in the production of substrates and planting soil. Unpackaged white peat in large quantities is transported mainly by ship, but smaller amounts (90-120 cbm) of dry peat can also be transported with special trucks. Generally, unpackaged white peat is unscreened. Unpackaged white peat has the following main characteristics:

1. Degree of decomposition H1 to H4 on the von Post scale.
2. pH (in CaCl2) 3,5 – 4,5.
3. Water absorbency 800-1000 ml/100g.
4. Minimum dry organic matter content 95%.
5. Water content 40-55%.
6. Volume weight 130-200 kg/cbm