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Horticultural peat

pH-adjusted white peat 0-25 mm

pH-regulated (adjusted) white horticultural peat with fraction 0-25 mm (“zero substrate”) is designed for manufacturing substrates and potting soil according to recipes and needs, for improving the quality of existing substrates and potting soil, and for improving soil quality in the garden and greenhouse. For pH-regulating, limestone meal was used. The product’s common pH-range is 5,5-6,5. The product can be ordered in the pH-range most suitable for the client; powdered materials (powdered chalk, dolomite meal, etc.), which contain calcium of different chemical composition, should be used in the neutralisation process. No chemical compounds for improving water absorption, other components or fertilizers have been added to the product. If the client wishes, the previously mentioned components could be added to the product. The white horticultural peat used for manufacturing the pH-regulated product ensures the good absorption qualities and aeration of the manufactured substrate or potting soil. As the product’s pH level is suitable for the development of micro-organisms, its long-term preservation, especially during warm seasons, is not advisable. The pH-regulated white peat (fraction of 0-25 mm) has the following main characteristics:

1. Degree of decomposition H1 to H3 on the von Post scale.
2. pH (CaCl2) 5,5 – 6,5.
3. Water absorbency 900-1200 ml/100 g.
4. Minimum dry organic matter content 95%.
5. Water content 40-55%.
6. Volume weight 150-200 kg/m³.
7. Low salt content.