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Client’s packaging

Ordered products can be packaged in the supplier’s packaging, unlabelled packaging or packaging of the client’s own design. The packaging for a specific product is agreed upon beforehand with the client, in writing. At the SIA Nordforf plant it is possible to package growing mixtures (substrates and growing soil) and fractions into pre-designed packages of the following sizes: 30 l, 50 l, 80 l and 250 l. Large packaging (4000 l, 5800 l, 6300 l) are not designed as the company uses a packaging system, in which the package is made up of layers of wrapping film applied during the process of pressing the product. The included table Packages and Dimensions gives the dimensions of the packages used in the company’s plant. If a client wants to use his own packaging, he should compare the dimensions of those packages to the ones used in the company. In the case of client packaging, the company has made a habit of testing the packaging in the plant to ascertain its final suitability. The typical amount of original packaging necessary for testing and examining the client’s packaging is usually 10-20 samples. It is important to test and examine the clients’ packaging in the actual production and storage process, since regardless of the compatibility of dimensions the welding strip on the packaging might be located in a different place and the material might also be unsuitable. In order to obtain final confirmation of the durability of the material and welding of the client’s packaging, it is reasonable to examine the condition of the packages after packaging. Sometimes cases occur when plant or packaging welding on the packages tear after they have already been taken to the storage site – pressed products dilate and the welding on packages might tear open. If the client lacks suitable packaging, they can also use neutral packaging or order packaging of their own design.