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At the company, unpackaged and packaged horticultural peat is produced and delivered on the basis of written orders only. When a client submits an order, the company will confirm it in writing. Depending on the wishes and possibilities of the client, the orders and confirmations can be sent by e-mail or by fax. The party who orders must specify all data required for the flawless production and timely delivery of the product. The order must contain the following information:

1. Order number
2. Order date
3. Exact name and address of the party who orders
4. Exact name and address of recipient
5. Product name and code
6. Packaging
7. Need for a pallet
8. Amount of product
9. Desired delivery time
10. Desired loading time

In the case of orders, the party who orders, the recipient and the remitter may not always be the same. This is why it is essential to indicate the party who orders, recipient and remitter, along with the required requisites, to ensure the preparation of CMR and other documents and the flawless delivery of the package. Regardless of whether the client orders the products that are in the company’s list of products or products based on their own recipe, a product code must be added to the product name. In the case of a client’s own recipe, the company agrees on the individual product code with the client beforehand. It must definitely be indicated in the order which package the client wishes to get the product in – often, clients order one and the same product in different package designs. Generally, the company issues all packaged products on pallets. If the client wishes to buy a product without a pallet, this must be indicated in the order—loading without a pallet is only possible in case of sea containers. The order must also specify either the recommended loading date or arrival date of the goods. If the company is not able to execute the order on the given terms, they will inform the client thereof in writing. The parties will agree on payment and other important conditions in a written contract signed beforehand.

To order the products and regarding all issues related to the ordering of the products, please contact the sales and logistics team of the company or send an e-mail to info@nordtorf.eu, cesvaine@nordtorf.eu. You can also send orders by fax: +371 6522 0945