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Almost all of the production from the SIA Nordtorf plant is sold in packaged form. Depending of the product particularities and composition, the product will either be packaged as compressed or not. Potting soils and high density substrata (in the case of high black peat content) are packaged in uncompressed form. Screened white peat, white block peat fractions, substrata and potting soils produced mainly on the basis of white peat are packaged in compressed form. Screened white peat can be packaged in compressed form in the plant into packages of 30 l, 250 l, 4000 l, 5800 l and 6300 l – see List of Products. White block peat fractions can be packaged in compressed form in packages of 250 l, 4000 l, 5800 l and 6300. Depending on the composition, substrata produced mainly on the basis of white peat can be packaged in compressed form in packages of 250 l, 4000 l, 5800 l and 6300 l. Potting soil and high density substrata are packaged in uncompressed form in packages of 50 l and 80 l. Large packs (4000 l, 5800 l and 6300 l) are formed of plastic packaging wrap layers as a result of compression and packaging. Large packs are equipped with labels providing information about the product, its volume, date of production, etc.

Packages of 50 l, 80 l and 250 l can be either company-designed, neutral or the customer’s own packages, if possible. The list of packages designed by SIA Nordtorf and their measurements has been provided in the appended table (Table. Packages designed by SIA Nordtorf). Packages designed by SIA Nordtorf can be seen in detail in the appended photos. According to the customer’s wish, the pre-packaged product is loaded onto the means of transport either on loaded pallets (trucks and ship containers) or without the pallet (ship containers). Peat bales loaded on the pallets are fixed and protected with plastic packaging wrap. Possible loading limits concerning the pallet and the means of transport are presented in the Logistics sub-menu.

Table. SIA Nordtorf packages.
Photo Package name Package volume in litres
1. Agrobalt - Baltisches Substrat 250 l
2. Letta-Flor - Lettischer Weißtorf 250 l
3. Eco-Flor - Baltischer Weißtorf 250 l
4. Eco-Flor - Peat 5,3 cbf
5. Eco-Flor - Professional Substrate 80 l
6. Ahrens - Potting soil 50 l

 Photo 1A.    Photo 1B.     Photo 1C.  Photo 2A. Photo 2B.   Photo 2C.  Photo 3A.  Photo 3B.  Photo 3C.

         Photo 5A.    Photo 5B.    Photo 5C. Photo 6A. Photo 6B. Photo 7A. 

 Photo 7B.   Photo 8. Photo 9.