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The packaged peat production plant of SIA Nordtorf, engaged in packaging peat in packages of various sizes, is situated near the border of Lithuania, in Akniste. The plant’s equipment enables the production and packaging of different screened blond block peat and peat fractions, substrata and potting soil (see List of Products and Individual Recipes). SIA Nordtorf’s production processes and sales are concentrated on various growing medias (substrata and potting soils). The plant’s equipment enables the production and packaging of growing media consisting of up to 15 components. In 2008, a total of 350 000 m3 of growing media and 240 000 m3 of packaged peat was produced in the plant. The company’s optimal production capability is 1200 m3 of growing media and 1000 m3 of packaged peat during one shift. The production management is controlled by computers. The storage area near the plant enables the storing of approximately 3500 pallets of packaged products. The packaging of complete products into trucks and containers is also carried out in the same storage area. The company is capable of loading up to 40 trucks and containers during one shift.